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Jen WatsonJen Watson – Artist Director/Stylist

Jen connects easily with people and understands how to meet their needs. Jen has developed an intense passion for cosmetology over the last 17 years. She worked the first half of her career in a very successful salon. This is where she learned about the business of cosmetology and how to make money doing what she loves. The past 10 years as a Beauty School Instructor, School Manager, and Academic Director have honed her skills in educating and cultivating hundreds of successful stylists while running a thriving student salon. She is equipped with experience, passion, and forward focused artistry for every type and texture of hair. From fine and straight to kinky or curly, she will work with you to bring your hair goals to life! The celebration of hair diversity in her clientele is a love that is woven into her fabric as a stylist.

“It’s important to me that no matter what the fabric or texture of your hair, you can get a beautiful service and experience here.”

To book your experience with Jen click the link below:

Bonnie King Stauffacher – Stylist
To book your experience with Bonnie call or text (763) 257-5035

Jennifer Vold – Stylist
To book your experience with Jennifer click the link below:

Please call us at 763-205-3615 or contact our salon online.

If you’d like to join this great team, you may also send information to paige@razzldazzlsalon.com